Experience Geology: Experience Expominer!

Bring your students along to enjoy the most practical, experimental and entertaining lesson of the school year!

A unique experience featuring the most comprehensive exhibition of minerals, fossils, rocks, meteorites and precious stones. Come and enjoy a full day of educational entertainment with activities, experimental workshops and many more new features and surprises.

Hands-On Introductory Guide To Mineralogy 

Theoretical content and hands-on activities for your pupils.Send us your details and we will give you access to the downloading zone (material in Catalan only).

Mineral Workshop

Space to perform simple experiments and workshops, with the help of the best experts. You will highlight some of the most curious properties of minerals and help you to know them better.

Workshop for searching gold

This will be a place to awaken vocations among young enthusiasts who want to learn more about the world we live in.


In Expominer you will find multiple exhibitions on the subject of the show.