Platform of knowledge

Expominer is a platform of knowledge exchange and dissemination in which the most singular collections on mineralogy and Earth Sciences are exhibited.


The Energytruck is a mobile exhibition that shows what energy is and how we can consume it responsibly for the sustainable development of our society. The vehicle used to take the exhibition from place to place is powered by a dual diesel-natural gas engine. Further information in www.fundaciongasnaturalfenosa.org

The Origin of Coal

This exhibition takes you on a journey back in time some three hundred million years to the time known as the Carboniferous Period. Here you will find a selection of all the different types of coal: Anthracite, Hard Coal, Lignite and Peat, as well as plant fossils that bear witness to the history of human beings: Lycophytes, Sigillaria, Ferns and Calamites.