New contacts and business opportunities

Holding the event Expominer Barcelona is a key factor in enlarging the product range on offer and highlighting the complementary nature of the minerals, fossils and jewellery.

Expominer and Colecciona Barcelona concluded last edition with the participation of some 140 companies and more than 13,000 collectors, enthusiasts, dealers and students.

Why be an exhibitor:

- Large attendance by trade, collectors and general public. 13,000 visitors in 2013
- All the top people are there, 140 exhibitors in 2013
- 3 days of direct selling to a buying public on dates close to the ramp-up to the Christmas season
- Thousands of visitors wanting to see the most original and surprising items
- New contacts and business opportunities
- An ideal venue for buying, selling and swapping
- A platform for education and knowledge-sharing with an extensive range of activities
- Promotional campaign in the daily press, radio and social media
- Direct marketing campaign to databases with 150,000 buyers, schools and collectors

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Loyal, quality visitors from different sectors:

Museums | International Mineralogy Clubs | Jewellers | Fossils and minerals shops | Gift shops | Hotels | Interior decorators | Collectors | Primary and Secondary Schools | University students | General public