Manuel de Torres

My wife and I have been exhibitors at Expominer since the exhibition's first edition in 1978. And we will continue to be exhibitors in the future; we are dealers in collectors' minerals and Expominer is the Spanish exhibition that attracts most collectors. With continued effort from both exhibitors and organisers, we hope that Expominer will go from strength to strength as a hallmark event for mineral enthusiasts and collectors.

Jordi Fabre

Fabre Minerals.

I have been exhibiting at Expominer for longer than I can remember, for various reasons:

1. Because Barcelona is my city and so it is perfectly logical that, having made minerals my profession, I should take part in Spain's largest minerals exhibition, Expominer, which, furthermore, is held in my city.

2. Because it is a meeting point for so many collectors and a magnificent opportunity to talk with them on all sorts of subjects.

3. Because I can see what other exhibitors are offering and get an idea of where the market is heading.

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Dr. Joaquim M. Nogués Carulla

Director of the University of Barcelona's Gemmology School. Emeritus professor of Crystallography and Mineralogy at the Faculty of Geology.

The University of Barcelona's Gemmology School was created in October 1971. It has worked with Expominer since the beginning as a member of the Managing Committee and contributes to Expominer's communication activities through the thematic exhibitions it organises.

We participate in Expominer because gems or precious stones are minerals. In fact, we have a very close relationship with Expominer because gems are one of the applications of minerals, in this case, for decoration, and we think that the public needs to know this.

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