Have fun doing experiments, enjoy the magic of minerals and discover its most amazing properties through a series of activities.


Let's make batteries with lemons!

This workshop will show you what's like to be a real researcher! Come and discover how batteries work. These are the devices that enable us to use our computer and mobile phone even when they're not plugged in. And we'll learn to make one using a lemon.


Levitate with superconductors

Can you imagine a train that travels without touching the rails? This workshop will show you how this may be possible, thanks to superconductor materials. Come and play with trains that levitate and objects that spin endlessly in the air!


The sustainability of solar energy

We know that the Sun is a source of renewable energy but how can we use it? And how can we do it without damaging the planet? Come to this workshop to discover which materials are used to capture solar energy and turn it into electricity.


A revolutionary material: graphene

Do you know what graphene is? Have you heard about it? And do you know what it can be used for? This workshop will show you how we can obtain this famous material that everyone is talking about using a simple pencil. That's how the people who won the Nobel Prize did it!


Introduction to Mineralogy

Put your senses to the test. Using sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing, we will show you surprising properties such as birefringence, magnetism, density or delamination, among others. An activity for young and old alike in which you can touch all sorts of minerals (sulphur, halite, talc, epsomite...) and you'll receive a gift just for taking part.


What is Volcanism?

Come and visit this exhibition of minerals and volcanic rocks which you are welcome to handle to learn about all their properties. Alongside a model of erupting volcanoes, children can also take part in a workshop to draw and construct their own volcano.


Let's hunt meteorites!

In this workshop you'll learn how to distinguish real meteorites from objects that just look like them at first sight, as well as becoming a real planetary treasure hunter, as with the help of a metal detector your mission will be to find tiny samples of this priceless mineral hidden in a pile of sand.



Sharpen your wits and become a true gold digger. The Museum of La Noguera will recreate a space with wooden wash tubs that simulate the course of the River Segre, with a stretch full of pebbles to practise looking for this highly prized metal. And you can even take home genuine treasures!

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